Norfolk Family Health Team Expands Access t Health Care Services From a New Home in Simcoe

Delhi, ON, Norfolk County- The Norfolk Family Health Team (NFHT), the Government Funded program entity, currently located within the Delhi Community Health Centre (DCHC) is relocating to 185 Robinson Street in Simcoe. This spacious, fully accessible, central location, will better accommodate the exponential growth of the NFHT. The move will broaden the Team’s impact in the community, to accommodate more staff to enhance services for more marginalized & vulnerable members of Norfolk County, specifically those whom are currently without a Physician and/or access to health care services. This includes a newly dedicated space for Norfolk’s International Agricultural Workers. 

Centrally located in Simcoe, this relatively newly constructed space has ample parking and generous square footage, to better accommodate the expansion that the NFHT has seen since 2018. Robin Mackie RN, BHA, Executive Director of the Norfolk Family Health Team, states, “over the last 4 years, we have grown substantially, and in doing so, we have outgrown our dedicated space at the DCHC.” Mackie continues, “it’s bitter sweet, because we are so very proud of our expansion to bring more rural health care services to more people in Norfolk, however, the DCHC has been our home and we are so very fond of everyone there.” Mackie further states, “the new space in Simcoe will honour the NFHT Delhi roots at the DCHC, and recognize the outstanding generosity of the Delhi Community.” Mackie also points out, “it’s important to point out that patients currently registered with NFHT will be able to keep their Doctor, and enjoy the same professional health care services they have come to expect, following the move to Simcoe.” 

As a result of the NFHT move, there will be available space for the DCHC to bring even more health care services to the Delhi Community, making this a Win/Win for the entire community. With strong rural roots, the mandate of giving a greater number of unattached patients access to quality health care, will remain top priority for the NFHT. 2 of 2 

The Norfolk Family Health Team underwent a branding initiative in 2022, to convey the fact that they proudly serve all of Norfolk County. “We are definitely in growth mode, and where opportunities for satellite expansion exist, we will explore all avenues to bring small-town quality rural health care services to as many underserved Norfolk County residents as possible,” Mackie says. 

The Norfolk Family Heath Team is a government funded program entity, to provide locally sustained rural health care. The NFHT works together, with its Community Driven Board of Directors, to provide equitable services for residents of Norfolk County. “It’s important to note that our Board is made up of professionally-minded volunteers from the Norfolk Community, representing their neighbours… it is rural people involved in bringing quality sustainable rural health care to Norfolk residents, and we act with rural values in mind,” says Murray Porteous, NFHT Board Chair. 

The NFHT is dedicated to provide improved local services, to work with our community partners, to maintain a small-town approach to community health care. The upcoming move will see the Norfolk Family Health Team operate out of 185 Robinson Street, mere metres away from the Norfolk General Hospital (NGH). From what will be an adjacent location to NGH, Mackie is optimistic about the ability to continue to work together on recruitment strategies, aimed to attract more Health Care Professionals, to an area of Southern Ontario that boasts a work/ life balance, within close proximity to an appealing Lakeshore Lifestyle. 

For additional information, please contact Robin Mackie, RN, BHA, Executive Director NFHT 

(519) 582-2323 ext.239 


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