Norfolk Family Health Team Mission, Vision, & Values


Our Mission is to protect, promote & provide excellence in rural health care. We believe that local, accessible, community-governed health care has a critical role in maintaining a strong and sustainable rural community.


We will be leaders in healthcare transformation by proactively embracing change and being primary care advocates for our community by acting on four key pillars-

  • Broaden our impact in the community
  • Community Outreach
  • Partnerships
  • OHT leadership


1. Innovative: We believe in proactively generating new ideas and processes to improve and advance the provision of primary care.

2. Excellence: As a unique resource in a rural area, we have a commitment to supporting regional health care needs and the professional interests of our personnel, while maintaining excellent patient care.

3. Collaborative: We believe that best health care is provided through and collaborative decisionmaking, and planning involving community members and health care providers.

4. Respectful: We believe that patients, staff, and professionals deserve respectful treatment from the community and each other.

5. Accountable: We believe in wise use of community resources.

6. Inclusiveness- We believe in equitable access to care.

Norfolk Family Health Team
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