Family Health Team Progams

If you are a Family Health Team rostered patient ( ie a patient of Dr. Thorogood, Dr. Bak, Dr. Bijlani or Dr. Nunn) you have access to all of the community programs and:

Diabetes Management Program

Our nurses and Dietician will help with the identification and effective management  of your diabetes.

Pharmacy support for medication reconciliation

Our Pharmacist reviews medication list provided by yourself, hospitals and/or other pharmacies against your medical record to ensure the medication lists is up to date.

Health Team Programs

Geriatric Program

A program that supports patients and caregivers with strategies to support disease progression and care recommendations. This program provides a full geriatric assessment and, as needed, targeted cognitive assessments.

Cancer Screening

Assessment, screening and education by our Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioner focused on optimizing your general health for woman and men of age/risk for cancer screening.

Registered Dietician

Individual counselling for chronic disease management, obesity, chronic disease or seeking information about health and how to take control and improve your lifestyle. We offer group counselling and education on nutrition, health, Canada’s Food Guide, understanding food labels, meal planning, cooking, grocery shopping, and physical fitness.

Well-Baby and Childhood Immunizations

This program offers Well-baby visits by our Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioners to ensure your child’s optimal health and to ensure immunizations are provided from birth to 42 months.

Mental Health Counseling Program

Our Social Workers are highly trained and focused on helping you improve your physical, mental and emotional quality of life through the timely access to our mental health counselling services.

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