The Norfolk Family Health Team’s Future is Bright and Just Steps Away in Port Rowan 

Monday, March 6, 2023 

Port Rowan, ON.- The Norfolk Family Health Team, currently providing medical services at 1035 Bay Street, in Port Rowan, is moving just steps away. This short, local move, will realize the major benefit of having additional medical services that are easily accessible, at this new location, 1009 Bay Street, in Port Rowan. 

Robin Mackie RN, BHA, Executive Director of the Norfolk Family Health Team says, “the new location will be a fabulous opportunity to leverage the chiropractic services of Dr. John Rios, as well as the Alternative Hearing Aid Clinic Ltd., offered by Dwayne Badduke. All this, while offering the existing suite of medical services we currently bring to our registered Port Rowan patients, every Tuesday and Wednesday.” 

Located mere metres down Bay Street (towards the lake), the new home of the Norfolk Family Health Team is completely accessible, has adjacent street parking, is cheerfully bright with natural light, and is extremely welcoming. Mackie further states, “we are very fortunate this location became available to us. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach a mutually beneficial lease agreement at our current location.” Mackie continues, “however, as it turns out, our patients will enjoy the benefit of easy access to chiropractic and hearing clinic services, at our new location. Most importantly, we will remain on the very same street, with the very same weekly schedule that our patients have come to expect.” 

The new location located close to Port Rowan’s picturesque waterfront, at 1009 Bay Street, is set to open in April, 2023. The first appointment day, for current patients only, will be Tuesday, April 4th. However, the Norfolk Family Health Team is happily accepting names to be placed on its Family Physician Wait List, and priority will be given to those who do not have a Family Doctor. 

For Additional Information Contact: 
Robin Mackie RN, BHA, Executive Director 
(519) 582-2323 x239 

View Of Street In Port Rowan
Closed for moving March 30 - 31 2023
New Port Rowan Office Outside
New Port Rowan Office Inside
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