Smoking Cessation Program

“…I opened the book…by the time I finished it I was an ex-smoker. It really has been that simple.” — Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara, writing in the Globe & Mail, Apr 2004 “Being a smoker is like being trapped in a complicated maze. It’s as if Allen Carr has a plan of that maze….Instantly, I was freed from my addiction.” — Sir Anthony Hopkins, Actor

  • NFHT has purchased 2 books to loan to those in the community that would like to quit smoking. We are committed to finding different methods for the success of cessation.
  • Allen Carr was a chain smoker for over thirty years. After countless miserable attempts to quit, he discovered what every smoker dreams of – an easy way to stop smoking.
  • Carr is now widely regarded as the leading expert on stopping smoking.
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