Norfolk Family Health Team Move To Simcoe – Q & A

Q. What is the main reason the NFHT is leaving the DCHC?

A. Since 2018, the NFHT has expanded, providing more health care services, and in doing so, has simply outgrown its allotted space at the DCHC. With plans for growth and its mandate to service more vulnerable Norfolk County residents, the NFHT requires additional space to do so.

Q. Will I lose any of my health care services that I currently receive in Delhi?

A. No, your services are not stopping, simply moving a short drive to Simcoe.

Q. What if I can’t drive, and have no way to get to Simcoe, to see my doctor?

A. Our community partner, Senior Support Services, provides economical volunteer transportation and wheelchair transportation for Seniors and other Adults with disabilities. Feel free to contact them directly, to arrange transportation. The NFHT is also looking at providing satellite clinics in Delhi, to ensure no patient is left behind, due to their inability to travel.

Q. Are there still doctors and nurses that can see me when I need them?

A. Yes, the Health care team continues to enroll new patients daily and our community programs are expanding.

Q. Are your hours changing in the new location?

A. Our hours of coverage will remain the same, and might even be extending in the future, to offer more beneficial health care services.

Q. What happened to the money I donated to the DCHC, to ensue I have a doctor in Delhi?

A. Your donation(s) went to the Delhi Community Health Centre (DCHC), as a charitable organization, and supported the building operations for the beautiful facility in Delhi. The FHT has never (and does not) receive any money from the DCHC, for any services provided by the Family Health Team.

Q. Isn’t the NFHT and the DCHC relatively the same thing?

A. The NFHT and the DCHC are vastly different. The NFHT is a Government Funded Program Entity, to provide health care services to all residents of Norfolk County. The DCHC houses our Team, among other health care professional services… in essence it is the beautiful medical building we all know and love, in the Delhi Community.

Q. What if I want to continue to donate money to the DCHC?

A. We think that is fantastic, and as a charitable organization we are certain they will appreciate your continued support. Please contact the DCHC to make donation arrangements, if you wish to do so.

Q. Are there going to be new doctors moving into the DCHC?

A. The DCHC has stated they are committed to provide health care services to the residents of Delhi. Please reach out to the DCHC or visit their website, for more information.

Q. Can I still access other services, like Life labs and my pharmacist at DCHC?

A. Only the FHT is being affected by this expansion. All other providers will still be offering their same great services you have grown to rely on.

Q. Will I lose any of my health care services that I receive now in Delhi?

A. No, your services are not ceasing, they are simply moving a short drive away, to Simcoe. The entire Team including Dr. Thorogood, Dr. Bak, Dr. Nunn, Dr. Bijlani, Dr. Rollins, Dr. Weiler, the other Health Care Professionals, as well as administrative support staff (that make up your health care family) will all be at the new location, for you.

Q. When will the official move take place?

A. We anticipate the official move to take place in 2024. We want to give everyone ample time to learn about the NFHT’s relocation plans, and to feel confident as a result of gaining that knowledge.

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