The Norfolk Family Health Team is Committed to You… paramount is your overall Health, Well-Being, & Privacy

We Value Your Trust & Confidentiality…

by doing so we pledge to:

  • provide the highest level of confidentiality, pertaining to your care and collection of personal data
  • collect only necessary information, solely for your care and treatment
  • only disclose information necessary for the delivery and management of your care
  • ask your expressed permission before disclosing any of your information, for purposes not related directly to your care and treatment (unless otherwise authorized by law)
  • recognize your right of access to your health information (we will provide copies to you for a minimal fee)
  • be transparent to you, about how we handle the privacy of your personal health information
  • treat you with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and care
  • provide you with access to Programs & Services that are medically relevant and meet stringent standards, relating to current healthcare and Ministry guidelines

Our Team is Committed to You…

Your Access to the Norfolk Family Health Team Programs & Services Will Not Compromise Your Privacy

The Norfolk Family Health Team is an important part of the Ontario government’s plan to build an improved healthcare system… giving you increased access to programs and services, to better support overall health & well-being in our communities.

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